What is a 'domain status'?


Domain Status


If you query the WHOIS ('Whois query') at Joker.com for a domain, you will get one of the following domain statuses:

  • lock: The domain is secured against unauthorized transfer attempts. For being able to transfer a domain to another domain registrar, you have to unlock the domain in 'My Domains'. After doing this, the domain will be in status "production".
  • production: The domain is unlocked, and joker.com will not refuse transfer requests to another registrar. To lock and secure a domain, you have to lock your domain through our "Servicezone".
  • hold: The domain is or will be moved out of the root zone by the registry. This means, the domain will not be served by nameservers any longer, and thus cannot be used regularly. Newly registered domains also often have the status "hold", because Joker.com does register them immediately even before the billing is done. Sometimes the billing takes some time, e.g. because a credit card has to be validated. The "hold" status is changed as soon as the billing has been successful.
    Sometimes this status "hold" is accompanied by a sub status "invalid address". This indicates the reason for being set on "hold". Please find more information related to this here.
  • expired: The domain has not been renewed and is past its term. However, it is not yet deleted, and still can be renewed, also by using "simple renewal".
  • transfer-prohibited-cor: After a ' change of registrant' (COR) - also known as 'change of owner' - of a domain, for security reasons the domain cannot be transferred for a period of 60 days.
  • invalid-address: The Whois data validation indicated the wrong registrant's data, and a process to correct this has been started. Please visit 'Domains'/'Change Owner or Permissions' in case you got the according request to do so.

For security reasons, a domain at Joker.com normally has the status "lock". This is the recommended status of your domains and means that the domain is secured against fraudulent transfer or modification attempts.

The domain status which will be shown in the WHOIS at Joker.com differs from the status shown by the WHOIS of the responsible registry. They usually show registry-specific status codes.



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