How to Change the Owner of a Domain?


Change of Owner (COR)


If you register a domain with, you are the 'owner' of this domain, meaning that this domain is added to your domain portfolio, and you always have full control over this domain.

Your role then represents that of the "account holder." As of 2016-12-01, this role is also regarded as the "Designated Agent" of a domain (DA). This has been introduced in the ICANN Change of Registrant policy (COR).

The responsibilities of a DA are regulated within's Terms & Conditions specifically by sections §19-2, §19-4, §10-2, §10-7, and §10-8.

The definition of concept of a DA is additionally defined in addendum 1) in the T&C.


There is also a contact named 'registrant' that defines the official identity of the domain owner according to ICANN and/or Registry requirements.

As with all registrant data, you can edit/maintain the registrant using the domain management


Please note:

  • as of 2016-12-01, the change of a registrant (COR, owner change) of a generic top-level domain requires an extended procedure introduced by ICANN:
    • in general, the prior registrant and the new registrant have to confirm the change
    • for this, emails will be sent to both, which contain coded links to acknowledge the transaction
    • the designated agent (DA) is also permitted to decide upon this (pls. see above)
    • before the process is started, the initiator also has the option to not apply a 60-day transfer lock after the change of registrant. Otherwise, this lock will be applied by default
    • for Resellers, we do provide some extended IRTP-C options and tools to handle COR and secure keys
    • the full policy can be found here
  • You are obliged to enter the valid and true address and identity information for Whois data. This is a requirement of all domain registries


In case you want to assign a domain to another person (meaning, moving a domain into another user's portfolio), please visit and choose Domain - Change ownership or permissions.  

You will also find more information about 'roles', 'permissions', and 'assignments' here.


In case you want to claim ownership of a domain for yourself, please also visit the section Domain - Change ownership or permissions.



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