What is 'AuthInfo2'? (.DE domains)


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If the domain holder cannot ask their current provider to obtain a regular AuthInfo from DENIC - e.g. because the provider does not exist anymore, or the domain holder cannot reach the provider - a so-called provider change password (AuthInfo2) can also be requested from DENIC directly.


In this case, the domain holder should contact the provider who is going to administer the domain in the future (e.g. transfer@joker.com).


The provider initiates the generation of an AuthInfo directly at DENIC. DENIC then sends the AuthInfo it has generated to the domain holder by registered letter.


The letter will be addressed to the address recorded in the whois database. In case the domain holders do not reside in Germany, the letter is addressed to the Admin-C in Germany in order to avoid long delivery times and to guarantee safe delivery.


In parallel to these actions, DENIC records the generated AuthInfo in its database in form of a hash.

The domain holder now communicates the AuthInfo to the provider who will administer the domain in the future, and the new provider starts the provider change by submitting the AuthInfo to DENIC.


Please send an email to transfer@joker.com, if you need to request an AuthInfo2.



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