Domain Trustee Service


Domain Trustee Service


For some domain types - usually country domains - there are regulations regarding the domicile of the domain holder. For example, the country of the registrant's contact for .EU domains must be a member of the EU (plus Norway and Liechtenstein).
In order to enable clients who do not fulfill these requirements to register such domains, so-called trustee services can be used. The trustee assumes the role of the official registrant. The relationship between trustee and customer is regulated in the respective trustee contract. This defines responsibilities and ensures the customer's ownership of the domain.
IDPS GmbH also offers trustee services for in addition to its privacy services. Domains for which such a trustee service is available are marked accordingly in our price list.


When you order such a domain with an available trustee service, you have the option to add this service bundled with the domain name.

Trustee agreements can be also added to existing domains under 'My Domains'.
Example contracts can be found after logging in to under "Support" -> "Downloads".

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