What are the 'contacts'?



Associated with each domain, there is a so-called 'Whois record'. The information within this Whois record is published publicly and has to be provided by you, the domain registrant.

This Whois record - the part which is provided by you - consists of the following contact information:

  • owner contact: the official owner of the domain
  • admin contact: role in charge of administrative tasks
  • tech contact: a role for technical tasks, like nameserver
  • billing contact: a role for questions regarding payments


A contact is a kind of 'template', consisting of an email, name, and street address. If you populate a domain with Whois data, you create such a contact (or choose an existing one) and assign this contact to a domain.


You are free to assign individual contacts to each domain or use a single contact for more than one domain. In this case, it is important to know that in case you change such a contact afterward, those changes will apply to all domains which have been assigned this contact.


Please note: These contacts are for published Whois records only. They do not define the usage of your domain, or the persons able to access the domain. To actually grant access rights to individuals other than the domain creator, explicit 'roles ' can be granted using the Joker.com domain management in the service zone.

Important: You are obliged to enter only valid and true address and identity information for Whois data. This is a requirement of all domain registries.


As of May, 25th 2018, the European GDPR has been put into effect. As a result, for most domain types (TLDs), by default, no Whois contacts are published anymore.

Possible exceptions in regard to some TLDs are documented in the terms and conditions of these TLDs.



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