Clientexec Registrar Plugin


Clientexec Registrar Plugin

Clientexec is a popular web hosting and automation solution, which includes billing and support options.Clientexec Registrar Module

If you are using Clientexec for your hosting activities, you may interface  with Clientexec domain functionality to easily order and manage domains from within Clientexec. 1) maintains a registrar module for Clientexec, which offers a great load of  features to interface seamlessly from within Clientexec:


The following registrar core functionality is provided:- domain availability check

  • domain registration
  • domain transfer
  • domain renew
  • domain transfers
  • set autorenew
  • set registrar lock
  • set nameservers
  • modify dns zone records (if joker nameservice is used)
  • pricelist
  • domain import

Clientexec Registrar Module



The installation is easy, the plugin is already included with each copy of Clientexec, just activate the " plugin" from within Clientexec:

Settings => Plugins => Registrars: Select "" from the list, and enter your API key.



Create customers, and register domains with "Packages => Order Domain Services"...


Known Issues:

  • IDN domains are currently not supported *)
  • some ccTLDs may not supported by default
  • Premium domains are currently not supported *)


*) this is a limitation of Clientexec

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1) the Clientexec plugin is provided "as-is" without any further obligation or promise of quality or reliability. The normal Terms & Conditions apply. 


Version History

  • 1.0 initial release


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