Login with Username & Password


Requires (mandatory):

username Joker.com username (email address)
password Joker.com password



Auth-SID Authenticated Session ID, must be provided with any other request (parameter auth-sid)
List of TLDs List of domain TLDs which are available to the reseller.


To be able to use the entire API, you must have a reseller account with Joker.com (and use this account to log in).







Login with API Keys

Instead of using your user- and password credentials, you may also use so called 'API keys' for login. This way, you can create several DMAPI access facilities, which has several advantages:

  • you do not need to expose username and password in your scripts
  • API keys can be restricted to be "read only" (no modifications possible), or to allow 'modifications only' (can not produce costs)
  • you may hand API keys to your staff to enable them to do specific things with Joker.com


Create your API keys in 'My Profile' in section 'Manage Joker.com API access keys'


Example usage:




The result is the same as for "login"-request, you have to use the provided auth-sid for the subsequent actions.






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