How to configure name servers?


DNS - Name Servers


Every domain needs at least two (2) nameservers associated.

You are free to choose any name service you want.  Free name service is included in the domain fee. This is set as default; so in case you did not change this explicitly during your order, you will have the name servers configured.


If you have a look at your domain's configuration in "Modify Domain", you will see in the section "name servers" something like this:




You can change this to your own name servers. If those do already exist, they simply have to be registered with your domain, using "Modify Domain".

If you want to create your own, new name servers, please have a look at "
How to create a name server(-record)?" in this FAQ.


If you want to add or edit name server records (URL-forwarding, Email-forwarding, MX-records etc.), please click on "DNS" "My Domains". 


Please note: for technical reasons, the URL- and email forwarding functions will only work with name servers.



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