How do I use name service (DNS) or URL forwarding at Name Service


To add DNS records to your domain, or add email- and URL forwarding, please visit "My Domains", and choose "DNS" next to the respective domain. There, you will also find the Dynamic DNS (DynDNS) options, and the option to enable DNSSEC Support.


In case the "DNS" function is not accessible, the reason for this is one of these:

  • your domain does not use the free " Name Service". This is required to use the DNS editor. Please check the name service of your domain in 'My Domains' -> 'Modify'. You can change them there as well.
  • your domain is in status "hold" - this means, it is currently not operational. Common reasons for this are "domain is expired", or "domain is under a dispute".


Switching to Name Service is easy (and free): Visit "My Domains", and choose "Modify".

In the section "Name servers", click on the edit icon edit symbol, and choose 'switch to name service'.


Please find some more details here: How to create a name server(-record)?



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