How to pay at offers a variety of payments options, please have a look at our list of currently supported methods:

Online Payments using PayPal

Securely shop and pay online using PayPal.
You don’t have to enter card numbers or personal information to make an online payment. With just an email address and password, you can securely check out.
It is simple - you only need two clicks. It is fast - payments are executed in realtime.
It is free - fees are absorbed by us, the merchant. And you also benefit from PayPal's Purchase Protection

Online Payments using Credit Cards

As an additional security measure, participates in the programs Verified By Visa and MasterCard Secure Code. This is to secure credit card transactions with the latest customer protection enhancements.

Online Payments using Debit Cards

Customers with a german bank account amy also chose to use direct withdrawal from their account using the 'ELV'-mechanism.

Payments using Wire Transfers

Registered Resellers of also have the option to fund their account at using wire transfers to any of our bank accounts. Please note that this may take about three working days.