Additional conditions for registering a .it domain

Besides the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Registration it is also necessary for you to acknowledge the following additional conditions for domains below the Top Level Domain .it:

The Registrant of the domain name in question, declares under his own responsibility that he:
  1. is in possession of the citizenship or resident in a country belonging to the European Union (in the case of registration for natural persons)
  2. is established in a country belonging to the European Union (in the case of registration for other organizations)
  3. is aware and accept that the registration and management of a domain name is subject to the "Rules of assignment and management of domain names in ccTLD. it" and "Regulations for the resolution of disputes in the" and their subsequent amendments
  4. is entitled to the use and/or legal availability of the domain name applied for, and that they do not prejudice, with the request for registration, the rights of others
  5. is aware that for the inclusion of personal data in the Database of assigned domain names, and their possible dissemination and accessibility via the Internet, consent must be given explicitly by ticking the appropriate boxes before the registration. Also see "The policy of the .it Registry in the Whois Database" on the website of the Registry (
  6. is aware and agree that in the case of erroneous or false declarations in this request, the Registry shall immediately revoke the domain name, or proceed with other legal actions. In such case the revocation shall not in any way give rise to claims against the Registry or the Registrar
  7. releases the Registry from any liability resulting from the assignment and use of the domain name by the natural person that has made the request
  8. accepts Italian jurisdiction and laws of the Italian State - Version 02/01/2019
Additional conditions for registering a .it domain