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You are currently on the OT&E (Testing) System


What is an "OT&E" System?

OT&E stands for "Operational Test & Evaluation".

Our OT&E system is a kind of "copy" of, where special "fake" registries are connected. Domain orders and object manipulations can be performed without having to operate on real data.

This is to allow for resellers to try out their scripts and methods, using API and tools.

Our OT&E system mainly consists of 

  • (standard web frontend)
  • (rpanel reseller frontend and code example)
  • ( API)
  • (Whois)
  • (Mail-Gateway)

News Archive

.APP now ready for preregistration


Google's Domain .APP will soon be available for everyone. Before the general availability phase starts (May 1st) you will have the opportunity to preregister your .app domains with

preregister .APP

Why .APP?

Apps make the mobile world go ‘round, and now they have their own more secure home on the web: the .app domain, the most relevant TLD for mobile apps. You can use your .app name to showcase a unique and trustworthy destination, as a relevant download link, for deep linking, or for sharing screenshots, release notes, and reviews. Get your .app domain now to start sharing your app with the world.

How Can I Preregister My .APP Domain?

Just log into your account and visit our sunrise page. The preregistration is divided into different phases with decreasing prices until the domain will be available for everyone on May 8th.

  Day 1 (May 1st): USD 11000*)
  Day 2: USD 2800*)
  Day 3: USD 1100*)
  Day 4: USD 600*)
  Day 5-7: USD 140*)

The more sought after you expect a domain name to be, the earlier you should try to register it, of course. Starting from May 8th, the price for registrations of .app domains will be USD 22.80*) for one year.