Simple WHMCS Plugin

WHMCS Hosting & Billing Plugin 

WHMCS is a popular web hosting and automation solution, which includes billing and support options.

If you are using WHMCS for your hosting activities, you may interface with WHMCS' domain functionality to easily order and manage domains from within WHMCS.


This is a very light weight and simple plugin, therefore very easy to install (you will find instructions in the readme of the zip archive below).

However, features are basic, and you have to configure a fixed set of contact handles for each TLD you want to use.

Any TLD of should work.


This plugin is provided as an example to show, how easy it is to connect to WHMCS using DMAPI. You may also use it as a starting point for your own experiments.


For a full integration of into WHMCS, please use our official fully-featured WHMCS Registrar Module.



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