Language code

@language - one of the following language codes

Languagecode Language
AFR Afrikaans
ALB Albanian
ARA Arabic
ARM Armenian
AZE Azerbaijani
BAQ Basque
BUL Bulgarian
BUR Burmese
CAT Catalan
CHI Chinese
CZE Czech
DAN Danish
DUT Dutch
ENG English
EST Estonian
FAO Faroese
FIN Finnish
FRE French
GEO Georgian
GER German
HEB Hebrew
HIN Hindi
HUN Hungarian
ICE Icelandic
ITA Italian
JPN Japanese
KOR Korean
KUR Kurdish
LAV Latvian
LIT Lithuanian
MAC Macedonian
MAL Malayalm
NEP Nepali
NOR Norwegian
PER Persian
POL Polish
POR Portuguese
RUM Romanian
RUS Russian
SAN Sanskirt
SCC Serbian
SCR Croatian
SLO Slovak
SLV Slovenian
SPA Spanish
SWA Swahili
SWE Swedish
SYR Syriac
TAM Tamil
THA Thai
TIB Tibetan
TUR Turkish
UKR Ukrainian
URD Urdu
UZB Uzbek
VIE Vietnamese
ZHO Chinese

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Comment of iaPAfJJY:
I could relaly use some pointers on how you accomplished this. I have been scouring SERPs only to find report after report of how confusing, poorly documented and frustrating this API is to implement in PHP. Did you use a soap library? Is there something that should be blatantly obvious but is not apparent in the documentation or sample code? I have been pulling my hair out for better than a week now
Added at: 2012-02-27 06:42