tld target TLD where this contact is intended to be used.
name full name (if empty, fname + lname will be used)
fname first name (required for .FI contacts)
lname last name (required for .FI contacts)
title (optional)
individual (optional) Y, Yes, N, No
organization (optional if individual)
email mailaddress of the contact
address-1 street address
address-2 (optional)
state (optional)
country ISO country code (2 letters)
fax (optional)
lang language to use for .EU contacts


required for .US contacts


required for .US contacts
nexus-category-country required for .US contacts
account-type required for .UK contacts, if used as owner contact

required for .UK contacts with specific account types


required for .SE/.NU contacts


(optional) for .SE/.NU contacts


required for .FI contacts

x-ficora-is-finnish (yes/no) required for .FI contacts
x-ficora-registernumber  required for .FI contacts, if ficora-type is company
x-ficora-identity required for .FI contacts, if type is person and finnish
x-ficora-birthdate required for .FI contacts, if type is persion and not finnish
x-ficora-legalemail (optional) for .FI contacts

Either "name" or "lname" and "fname" must be provided.

Fields not marked '(optional)' are mandatory (and must not be empty).


Parameters "lname" and "fname", if provided, will be converted to "name" (simple concatenation of "fname" and "lname"), because registries support only "name" format. In general, use of "fname" and "lname" is deprecated, and support for these fields will be removed in version 1.2.


"orgid" represents Swedish personal or organisational number and is required for .SE/.NU contacts.

It starts with ISO 3166 Alpha-2 country code in square brackets. If the country code for Sweden is given [SE] a valid Swedish personal or organisational number must be given (6 digits, dash, 4 digits), otherwise 1 to 123 characters can follow.

If organization is empty and the country code for Sweden [SE] is given, orgid must be a personal number, not an organisational number.


"vatid" is optional for .SE/.NU contacts. It starts with a two letter country code (uppercase), followed by an optional space, followed by a country specific string containing digits 0-9, and letters a-z and A-Z, maximum 64 Chars.


For .fi contacts:


"x-ficora-type" is required for .fi contacts. The following values are accepted: privateperson, company, corporation, institution, politicalparty, township, government, publiccommunity


"x-ficora-registernumber" is required if x-ficora-type is set to "company".


"x-ficora-is-finnish" is always required for .fi contacts: yes = finnish company or person, no = not a finnish person or company


"x-ficora-identity" is required for .fi contacts, if x-ficora-type is set to 'privateperson' and x-ficora-is-finnish is set to 'yes'


"x-ficora-birthdate" is required for .fi contacts, if x-ficora-type is set to 'privateperson' and x-ficora-is-finnish is set to 'no' in the following date format "YYYY-MM-DD".



Please note:

  • Parameters listed here (except "tld") may be used (or are required) in other requests, this is indicated by referring to "Contact fields".
  • "lang" must contain two-letter ISO country (language) code, and is only required when creating .EU contacts. The purpose is to specify language to be used in notifications emails, sent from EURid. Please note - this field cannot be modified later, and the default is 'EN' (English)!
  • "app-purpose", "nexus-category" and "nexus-category-contry" are required only when creating .US contacts, and cannot be modified later.



Example: Doe& 1&city=Smalltown&postal-code=40122&country=US&phone=+1.422.8001&auth-sid=<your-current-session-id>






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