What is 'Email Forwarding'?


Email Forwarding


This is a service provided by Joker.com, which allows you to create email addresses for a domain, and to forward incoming emails for those addresses to an existing external mail account.

This means: You could have

  • info@yourdomain.com
  • john@yourdomain.com
  • *@yourdomain.com
  • ...

being forwarded to your email account at your ISP or email provider like Gmail, Yahoo or others.

Please be aware that:

  • email forwarding - like URL forwarding - presumes, that the domain in question uses free 'Joker.com nameservice' (which is the default; see also How to configure nameservers?, How do I change my nameservers?)
    Domains with foreign nameservice cannot use Joker.com email forwarding. Switching to 'Joker nameservice' can be easily done in 'My Domains' chosing 'Modify' with the domain you want to change.
  • in 'My Domains', visit 'DNS' to add or modify email addresses for your domains
  • activating 'email forwarding' will automatically delete current 'MX' records. This is due to technical reasons and cannot be avoided, so you could either let Joker.com handle your email, or a foreign mailserver.

  • It is also possible to create 'catch all'-addresses: If you enter '*' instead of 'your_name' as 'Email Address', all emails not matching any other address you created will go to the '*' entry.
  • Additionally, a special account 'postmaster' does exist, which can be modified, but not deleted.
  • You also find an option to "block" certain addresses, which, when activated, will delete all incoming emails to this address.


For the amount of email addresses per domain, we do not police strict limits. Instead, we apply a fair-use-policy.

As long as we do not observe significant system impacts by either excessive amount of emails sent or addresses created, there will be no restrictions.

'Excessive' here means significantly above average, and "system impact" means significant interference of the general system and/or other users.


Current limits are:

  • 25MB as max. size of a single mail
  • 400 mails per day per address

Important: A newly created email address (or a changed target address) has to be activated by answering the 'activation email' being sent to the 'Target Email-Address' (click on the link within this email).



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