Auto Renewal


Automatic Domain Renewal


Note: In order to use automatic renewals, a payment account is required, which you can activate easily and free of charge if you do not already have one. Deposits to this account can then also be made by bank transfer.


All domains you marked as "to be auto-renewed" will be automatically renewed when due to expire.

You will still get the usual renewal reminders which additionally contain the auto-renew status.

Please find the complete schedule of renewal notices here.
The autorenewal status for domains can be enabled or disabled anytime.


Additionally, 2 special auto-renew messages are sent 4 and 2 weeks before expiration.


The actual renewal will happen 30 days before the expiration of the given domain.


For Resellers, the renewals are executed 7 days before expiration, and this can be changed in the user profile.


Domains with the status "expired" (grace period) can not be included in auto-renewal, they have to be renewed


If your account does not have sufficient funds at the selected time of auto renew, automatic renewal will not take place and you will have to renew manually.


Notifications will also be sent before and after an automatic renewal - so you are always up to date!




Auto-renew can be configured in following sections:




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