1.6 Change of Owner

How to Change the Owner of a Domain?


Change of Owner (COR)


If you register a domain with Joker.com, you are the 'owner' of this domain, in the sense that this domain will be added to your domain portfolio, and you always have full control over this domain.

Your role then represents that of the Joker.com "account holder". As of 2016-12-01, this role is also regarded as the "Designated Agent" of a domain (DA). This has been introduced in the ICANN Change of Registrant policy (COR).

The responsibilities of a DA are regulated within Joker.com's Terms & Conditions specifically by sections §19-2, §19-4, §10-2, §10-7 and §10-8.

The definition of the concept of a DA is additionally defined in addendum 1) in the T&C.


There is also a contact named as 'registrant', which defines the official identity of the domain owner according to ICANN and/or Registry requirements.

As with all registrant data, you are enabled to maintain the registrant using the Joker.com domain management


Please note:


In case you want to assign a domain to another person (in the sense of moving a domain into another Joker.com user's portfolio), please visit Joker.com and choose Domain - Change ownership or permissions.  

You will also find more information about 'roles', 'permissions' and 'assignments' here.


In case you want to claim ownership of a domain for yourself, please also visit the section Domain - Change ownership or permissions.



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What is an 'UDRP' Procedure?


UDRP Procedures

UDRP means Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy and is a policy which is applied to all ICANN domains, and is also adopted by many other domain types (ccTLDs). You will find detailed explanations on Wikipedia as well.
When registering a domain, you have to accept this policy in order to purchase a domain. This is included in our Terms & Conditions, section 11).
The UDRP process deals with domain ownership complaints. In case the arbitrator decides that a domain is to be transferred to the complainant, this transfer must be initiated by the complainant, who became the new owner.
In case you as the complainant have been awarded the domain after a UDRP decision, please follow these steps to get access to the domain:
Please note:
The domain will be blocked for changes (status 'freeze') for the duration of the UDRP procedure. After the execution of the UDRP decision, the domain will be set to status normal again.

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Verification of Registrant's Email Address


Email Address Verification


please find this topic here: What about 'Whois Accuracy'?



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