1.16 FAQ for specific Top Level Domains

.AT Renewal/Deletion Policy


.AT Domains


Where can I find an .AT domain's service period?

 It is shown in 'Whois' at Joker.com, and the information is called 'expiration date'.


What happens when an .AT domain is deleted by the end of the current service period?

The domain can be used until the end of the paid service period. Afterwards, it will be automatically locked, rendering it technically inoperative. The domain’s internet services (website, e-mail) also become inoperative as well as the domain’s sub-domains. After this technical lock (presumably 8 weeks) the domain becomes available for a redelegation (can be registered again).


What happens if an .AT domain is deleted explicitly?

The registry, NIC.AT, will immediately lock the domain, thus rendering it technically inoperative. The domain’s internet services (website, e-mail) also become inoperative, as well as the domain’s sub-domains. After this technical lock (presumably 8 weeks) the domain becomes available for a redelegation.


How can an .AT domain be deleted?

If a .AT domain will be deleted because of non-renewal, the deletion happens one (1) day before the end of the regular term. The "withdraw" procedure will not be applied, no additional costs arise.

Explicit deletion becomes effective immediately.

Who can delete an .AT domain?

The domain can be cancelled (deleted) only by the domain holder – in writing and signed by the proper person or company. The holder thereby abandons all rights and liabilities regarding the domain. Subsequently, the domain can be registered anew.
Domains that are administered by a nic.at-registrar can also be cancelled directly with the registrar. Please contact your ISP in this case.



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.XXX - How do I activate my .XXX domain?


.XXX Domains


If you are successful with your .XXX domain purchase, you will receive an email from the .XXX domain registry ICM. This email will contain a link which you must click on and complete the steps to the authentication process on the registry's ICM website.

The verification process ensures that .XXX registry ultimately holds verified details for the registrant of the .XXX domain(s).

For more information on .XXX domain applications and policies, please visit ICM registry.



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.LUXE - How to use with ENS


How to use ENS with .LUXE domains


ENS - the Ethereum Name Service - offers a secure & decentralised way to address resources both on and off the blockchain using simple, human-readable names. You can use your .luxe-domain to act as such a name.


.luxe is a top-level domain that is fully compatible with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). This means .luxe names can both resolve over the World Wide Web like any traditional domain name but also be securely associated to the Ethereum wallet address of your choice in ENS. Yourname.luxe can be paired with  0x32a4c9fa3d46ab6e87f… — no technical wizardry required. 


To enable ENS for your .luxe domain, please visit 'My Domains', and click on 'Modify' using your selected domain. Then please choose ENS,

configure ENS


and click on "change". Then enter your Ethereum address:

 configure ENS


Congratulations! You now have successfully associated your .luxe domain with the Ethereum Name Service.




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.CN: How to get registrants of .cn domains verified (RNV)

.CN Domains - Real Name Verification (RNV)


After registration, renewal or transfer of a -cn domain, there are special requirements of the registry CNNIC to meet before the domain will become active.


Update: As of August, 1st 2022 .cn domains can only be renewed when the Registrant Contact ID has passed RNV!



Documentation Requirements







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