1.5 Change of Registrar = Transfer of a Domain

How do I transfer a domain to my account if the domain is already at Joker.com, but on another account?


Please follow this link: How to add existing domains to my portfolio?



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How to Transfer a domain to Joker.com?


Transfer Domains to Joker.com

According to ICANN regulations, the 'gaining' registrar (Joker.com) has to initiate the process of transferring domains between registrars. To start the procedure, Joker.com has to “Obtain express authorization from either the Registered Name Holder or the Administrative Contact” Currently, The possession of the AUTH-ID fulfills this condition.

Please login to Joker.com, and choose 'Transfer a Domain to Joker.com' in the menu 'Domains'.
Enter the domain name you want to transfer (without "www."), and follow the order process - you will be guided through this.

To transfer a domain to Joker.com (except .uk domains), you have to provide a so-called AUTH-ID (also known as 'Domain Password'). This AUTH-ID will prove your authorization regarding this domain.
You have to request this AUTH-ID from your current Registrar!
Please note: In general, the domain must be registered for at least 60 days, before a transfer is possible.

During the transfer, you have the choice of keeping the current domain information (whois, nameservers) or assigning new ones. This of course also can be done afterward in 'My Domains'.
If you are currently using the name service of your current registrar, the best thing to do is to choose our equivalent to the free Joker.com name service. In this case, our system will attempt to automatically read and accept your current name server entries. You can, of course, add and confirm them before starting the transfer.
The course of action is summarized in detail:


1) Transfer Preparations

Please check at your current/old registrar:


2) Starting the Transfer

Please visit the Joker.com  transfer page on Joker.com:


3) Processing the Transfer

After getting the AUTH-ID and your other information, we will charge for the transfer. If this attempt succeeds, we will forward the transfer request to the registry. The registry in turn will notify your current (old) registrar.

Depending on the procedures of your current (old) registrar, he will ask you, the owner, and/or admin contact for verification by email or otherwise. Be cautious with the emails of your old registrar, some of them are confusing, and some may look like SPAM. You may have to answer this properly, or the transfer request might be denied.

4) Finishing the Transfer

After a maximum of 5 days, we will get informed by the registry whether the transfers succeeded or failed. You will be informed immediately after we get this notification. If the transfer succeeded, you can immediately use the domain.
In case something goes wrong, please do not hesitate to contact us (please chose the topic 'transfer - move the domain to Joker.com') or write to transfer@joker.com.
Please note: Using "Transfer Domain to Joker.com" you may also perform a "Bulk Transfer", where you can submit a list of domains together with their respective AUTH-IDs.
Also available is an 'internal transfer' from one Joker.com customer to another.

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How much does a transfer cost?


Cost of Transfers

When a domain is transferred from another registrar to Joker.com, an additional one (1) year term will be added to this domain. If the transfer is successful, we will only charge for this one-year renewal, without charging any additional transfer costs.
Please keep in mind that this further year of registration will be added to your current domain term, so you will not lose any partial terms from your current registration!
If your domain is about to expire in 7 months when you transfer your domain to us, a successful transfer will cause your domain to expire in 1 year + 7 months = 19 months.
The fee is not refundable if a transfer fails due to a reason not caused by Joker.com.
Transferring your .eu, .de, .nl, and .at domains to Joker.com will automatically extend the registration period to 12 months from the date the transfer completes.
When your transfer completes, your domain expiration is extended by one (1) year from the transfer completion date and not from the current expiration date.
This means - if you have 3 months left on your domain, after the transfer you will have 1 year left, not 1 year and 3 months.

In case something goes wrong, please do not hesitate to contact us (please choose the topic 'transfer - move the domain to joker.com').
A transfer away from Joker.com to another registrar is free of charge, of course.

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How long does it take to transfer a domain to Joker.com?


Duration of a Transfer


The request to initiate the transfer is submitted instantly to the registry in the event that:


When the losing registrar has been notified about the transfer by the registry, it may take additional 3-5 days for the losing registrar to react and process the transfer. This is not under Joker.com's control.


Overall, after a maximum of up to 6 days after the submission of the transfer request to the registry, Joker.com closes the transaction with either status 'successfully transferred' or 'failure'.


You always may check the status of the domain by using the 'Whois query for domains' on Joker.com -  please just enter the domain name in question.


In case you have problems or additional questions, please contact us to solve the problem.



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How can I make sure that the current registrar will allow the transfer of my domain?


Assisting a Transfer


Please check the documentation or FAQ of your current registrar regarding "Lock/Unlock", "Transfer", "AUTH-ID" or "domain password".

Some registrars send emails to their customers and ask for confirmation for the transfer to Joker.com. Unfortunately, some of these emails may look like SPAM.


Make sure to read them completely and to answer according to the rules of the registrar in charge. Other registrars allow outgoing transfers only if the customer has opened a "transfer time window" before the registrar receives a transfer request from the registry.


In any case, for each domain that is to be transferred the AUTH-ID is needed, and each domain must not have the status "transfer lock". Additionally, the domain must exist for at least 60 days.


Please feel free to contact us if you need help!



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Why can't you take my current name server (DNS) entries?


Name Server Records from external


Unfortunately, retrieving external nameserver records is not always possible.

Many nameserver providers do not allow so-called "zone transfers" from their nameservers, due to security considerations.

In these cases, we are not able to provide you with an automated transfer of records, sorry.



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I got the following error message - 'The current status didn't allow this operation (transfer)'. What does it mean?


Reasons for Transfer Failures


When you get a message like The current status of "<domain name>" didn't allow this operation (transfer), this means the attempt to transfer this domain to Joker.com did fail.

According to ICANN policies, a transfer request does fail if at least one of the following situations occurs:



Additionally, it could happen that the domain at the current registrar still is in status "locked" - then the domain has to be unlocked at your current registrar.



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How to transfer a domain from Joker.com to another registrar?


Transfer from Joker.com


The protection of a domain name ("domain locking") provides an additional layer of security against unauthorized domain manipulation. It also prevents fraudulent transfers.

This feature keeps you safe from bad actors and domain hijackers.

If you decide to transfer a domain from Joker.com to another registrar, all you need to do is to unlock your domain.


To unlock your domain, please visit 'My Domains', choose "Modify" and click on 'remove domain protection'.


After having your domain unlocked, the transfer might be initiated at the other/new registrar. The procedure for this differs from registrar to registrar.


Usually, you also will need the so-called 'AUTH-ID' at the other registrar.

To get the AUTH-ID of a Joker.com domain, please visit 'My Domains', choose 'Modify', and click on 'Request AUTH-ID'


Any incoming request for transfer will result in a confirmation email, notifying the transfer to the domain owner (the individual who registered the domain).


After not more than 5 days, the transfer is acknowledged, if you did not explicitly disagree with this transfer.


Disagreement can be expressed through a reply to the confirmation email above, or through clicking a link contained in this email. This email also includes the exact date, at which the transfer will be acknowledged.

Please note:

If the domain is unprotected (unlocked), any incoming request for a transfer will be acknowledged, if there is no response from your side (to explicitly disagree).

Because of this, we strongly recommend leaving your domains protected. 



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How do I transfer my UK domain to Joker.com?


Transfer of UK Domains


The transfer of a .UK domain works like most other domains, but no AUTH-ID is required:

If you have trouble at your current registrar transferring your domain, you can also do so directly with Nominet. Alternatively, we will be also happy to help.


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How do I transfer my UK domain away from Joker.com to another registrar?


Transfer away a UK Domain


Transferring a .UK domain to another registrar requires only a few steps:

Please note:




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If my domain expires during a domain transfer, will the transfer still be completed?


Domain expires during a Transfer


If your domain transfer was initiated before the expiration date, the transfer can still be completed. Most domain registrars will let the domain transfer continue if the domain has expired before the transfer has been completed.


There are a few registrars that will manually deny the transfer after the domain has expired. If this worries you, you should contact your previous domain registrar, and ask them if they will still let the domain transfer continue since the transfer was initiated before the domain expired.


When in doubt, you should renew a domain before the transfer. You are always welcome to ask our support or transfer@joker.com for assistance.


Please be aware that a domain transfer does not start right after you submit a domain transfer order to us. A domain transfer starts after the transfer has been authorized. You will receive a "Transfer Initiated" email from us when that happens.



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