1.3 Domain Registration

What domains can be ordered?


Domain Registration

Joker.com currently offers most of the generic top-level domains (gTLDs) - including the new top-level domains (ngTLDs), and a lot of ccTLDs (country domains). Please find the complete list here.
Most top-level domains are available for one (1) up to ten (10) years. 


At any time you may renew (prolong) your domain. Before your domain expires, you will be notified by email and asked to renew it. Please find details about this here:  How to renew a domain? and ERRP - Expired Registration Recovery Policy.
Resellers also are able to make use of automatic renewals (Auto Renewal) of selected or all domains.
To order domains, please click here.

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What length is allowed for a domain name?


Length of a Domain Name


We support a maximum length of 67 characters (including the endings). A minimum of 2 (not including the endings) is required by most registries.
The domain name can not start with a hyphen "-", and many domains can not start with "bq-", or have hyphens "--" at the third and fourth position.

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Which .de domain names are allowed?


Registration Policies for .de Domains


Valid characters for a .de domain name are:
With the introduction of IDN registrations, 92 additional characters are allowed from the character set Latin Extended-A and Latin-1 Supplement.

Important rules:
Please find more information under DENIC-Domainrichtlinien.

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I have made a typo. How can I cancel my domain name registration?


Cancel a domain name registration


We are sorry but this is not possible. Domains are registered in real-time. So please check your domain name carefully to avoid any further problems.
In case you made a typo you will have to start again.
Of course, it is always possible to delete a domain name - but this will not result in a refund. 1)
1) Resellers receive a refund for deletions of gTLDs within 72h after registration

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Who gets the receipt of a domain order?


Domain order receipt


We do send receipts by email only:

The postal address of the receipt is the same as that of the billing contact used.
We do not send invoices by regular mail.
Resellers do also get a monthly invoice for all sales of the month before, VAT-IDs are accepted.
Please check here to find out more about 'roles' resp. 'billing role'.

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I had a charge on my credit card, but I do not remember the domain.


Verify charges on your credit card


Please login into our Support/Contact section, using your login name and your password.
Then choose the topic "Billing" and send us


We will then investigate this, and contact you to resolve this problem.



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What domains do I own? I need a list.


List of your Domains


Your domain name is associated with your Joker.com login account, i.e. the account you registered them with.
Please login to Joker.com, and visit "My Domains". There you also find an icon for creating a "print view".
In case you miss a domain in this list, please check I can't see my domain(s) after logging in!

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How could I check if my order was successful?


Verify your Domain Order


If you want to check if your domain has been registered successfully, you may simply wait for the email notification. You can also check the domain by querying our 'Search whois', for this, just enter the domain name in question.

Remember: www.my-domain.com is not the domain name, it is always my-domain.com (leave out prefixes).

In case you do not get an acknowledgment of successful registration, or you get an error instead, then please contact us.
You may choose the topic "domain does not show up".
We will then investigate this issue, and contact you with the results.

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My last order failed (due to a credit card problem). What should I do?


My Order failed / credit card problem


If your order has been canceled for any reason, then this specific domain order request has FAILED. There is no option to 'reactivate' this order request,  please start a new order.

The reason for this failure is always written in the email, which is sent after every domain order.


It then may happen that you will get an error  "The domain is already registered" - then the domain had already been temporarily reserved by your first request.

In this case, please try again a few minutes later, to let the process settle on our side.

If this fails, please contact us and provide your order details.



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What is a Domain Order with 'Extended settings'?


Domain Order with 'Extended settings'


When you chose the option 'Extended settings' when ordering one or more domains, you will be able to provide more detailed data for the registration process:



Of course, this always can be configured after the order as well in "My Domains".



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What are the 'contacts'?



Associated with each domain, there is a so-called 'Whois record'. The information within this Whois record is published publicly and has to be provided by you, the domain registrant.

This Whois record - the part which is provided by you - consists of the following contact information:


A contact is a kind of 'template', consisting of an email, name, and street address. If you populate a domain with Whois data, you create such a contact (or choose an existing one) and assign this contact to a domain.


You are free to assign individual contacts to each domain or use a single contact for more than one domain. In this case, it is important to know that in case you change such a contact afterward, those changes will apply to all domains which have been assigned this contact.


Please note: These contacts are for published Whois records only. They do not define the usage of your domain, or the persons able to access the domain. To actually grant access rights to individuals other than the domain creator, explicit 'roles ' can be granted using the Joker.com domain management in the service zone.

Important: You are obliged to enter only valid and true address and identity information for Whois data. This is a requirement of all domain registries.


As of May, 25th 2018, the European GDPR has been put into effect. As a result, for most domain types (TLDs), by default, no Whois contacts are published anymore.

Possible exceptions in regard to some TLDs are documented in the terms and conditions of these TLDs.



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How to grant roles (= grant permissions to others)?


Roles and Permissions


You can always invite additional individuals (besides you) to administrate your domain(s). For this, you can assign so-called "roles" to other people, which define what sort of access is granted.


Important: These "roles" solely allow you to grant access to your domains within Joker.com, they do not have any impact on what is shown in Whois as published contacts.

As you invite someone to access to your domains, a special link is sent to the email address you provide. 

choose permissions

If the invitee does not already have a Joker.com login, he will get a chance to register when he clicks the link in this email.

Enter a "Description" to name the individual grant to be able to identify your grants later.
You can always issue grants or revoke existing grants in My Domains.


In case you are a Joker.com Reseller, you may also use the additional option 'Direct assignment' to assign roles. This means that you can assign permission to another Joker.com account, which takes effect instantly, and no invitation will be sent. This means that with "Internal Transfer" and 


"Direct assignment" you can move (transfer) domains between different - also your own - Joker.com



Available roles:


Resellers additionally may use:



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DNSSEC Support


What is DNSSEC


DNSSEC is the abbreviation for 'Domain Name System Security Extensions'. It is a set of extensions to the domain name system (DNS), basically to allow clients to verify the authenticity and integrity of DNS records.

For a domain to make use of DNSSEC, the following is needed:



You may have a look at Wikipedia or this short tutorial as starters for reading more about these topics.


DNSSEC Support at Joker.com

Joker.com enables you to 'activate' and configure DNSSEC for nearly all of your domains - most domain types (TLDs) do support DNSSEC. The only exceptions at Joker.com currently are .ws and .cn.


Please note: Joker.com supports DNSSEC with standard Joker.com name servers as well as with domains that use external name servers.


1) for Joker.com nameservers: To enable DNSSEC, please go to "My Domains" and click on "DNS". There you will find the "Enable DNSSEC" button. If you then click on "Save changes", you are done!


2) for DNSSEC with  own or external name servers: Please use our instructions Step-By-Step: How To use DNSSEC with a Joker.com Domain and a DNS Hosting Provider


To find out if your domain is working properly with DNSSEC, you may use the DNSSEC Analyzer.


Resellers will find similar commands to operate DNSSEC using DMAPI and RPanel.



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Whois Privacy Services


Secure your Domain Privacy


As of May 25th, 2018, most European and all generic domain types (top-level domains) have redacted the amount of Whois data that is published on the internet to comply with the European data privacy regulation (GDPR).


However, the registrant data still has to be sent to the registries. And there are still top-level domains that do require the full set of Whois data and do publish this full set.


This WHOIS service is available to everyone, and usually includes the name, and sometimes - depending on the policy of the responsible registry - also the street address and email addresses of the registrant. The use of incorrect, incomplete, or fake data is a violation of the registration agreement of the related registry and Joker.com and may lead to the deletion of the related domain name (please also see 5.c/11.d of Joker.com T&C).


To protect a registrant from abuse of his data, proxy-privacy.com through IDPS (International Domain Privacy Services) GmbH - a subsidiary of CSL GmbH - provides privacy protection services, effectively shielding his information and keeping his data confidential. By using these services, the registrant is represented by alternate contact data provided by IDPS GmbH, while remaining compliant with the registration policies.

The registrant's own data will still be maintained and escrowed by Joker.com, to secure the registrant's ownership of the domain, and to ensure compliance with ICANN's and registry's policies.

Privacy Services are available for most gTLD domain names. The availability of privacy services is indicated in the price list and domain search (icon Whois Proxy Privacy available).


Here is an example of what privacy service means to a domain name's public Whois output:



Standard Whois Output *)

With Privacy Basic

With Privacy Pro

Registrant Name: Max Musterman Max Musterman On behalf of yourdomain.com
Registrant Organization: ACME ACME c/o IDPS International Domain Privacy Services GmbH
Registrant Street: Main Street 123

c/o IDPS International Domain Privacy Services GmbH

Hansaallee 191

Hansaallee 191
Registrant City: Foo City Duesseldorf Duesseldorf
Registrant State/Province:  
Registrant Postal Code: 54321 40549 40549
Registrant Country: DE DE DE
Registrant Phone: +99.110 12345678 +49 211 867 67 448 +49 211 867 67 448
Registrant Fax: +99.110 12345679 +49 211 867 67 6448 +49 211 867 67 6448
Registrant Email: yourprivatemail@email.com      35b27c46c3d9040b881fc4f@proxy-privacy.com   35b27c46c3d9040b881fc4f@proxy-privacy.com  


*) Without WHOIS privacy for non-GDPR-compliant TLDs


Please find all details, conditions, and the Acceptable Use Policy here: proxy-privacy.com

And here you find all answers on How to enable Whois Privacy?

Prices are available here: Joker.com Pricelist


Please note:



Transfer with privacy service

Let's say a .com domain of you has a remaining term of 5 months, and you want to transfer it to Joker.com, and you chose privacy basic for the transfer.

This would result into


mandatory 1-year renewal with transfer:  USD 13.70
optional 1-year privacy basic service: USD   1.49
result - 1-year additional domain term, and 17 months of privacy  USD 15.19


Renew with privacy service (I)

Let's say you want to renew a .com domain, which is due to expire in 3 months. With the renewal, you want to enable Whois privacy pro:


1-year renewal for the .com domain:  USD 13.70
1-year privacy pro service: USD   2.49
result - 1-year additional domain term, and 15 months of privacy  USD 16.19
the additional 3 months are "rounded down" which means, they are added, but not charged


Renew with privacy service (II)

Let's say you want to renew a .com domain, which is due to expire in 8 months. With the renewal, you want to enable Whois privacy pro:


1-year renewal for the .com domain:  USD 13.70
2 years of privacy pro service: USD   4.98
result - 1-year additional domain term, and 20 months of privacy  USD 18.68
the additional 8 months are "rounded up"  which means, an additional year of privacy is charged


Acquire privacy service for an existing domain (I)

Let's say you own a .com domain, which is due to expire in 13 months. You want to add privacy pro:


1-year privacy pro service: USD   2.49
result - domain term is unchanged, and 13 months of privacy 

USD   2.49

the additional 1 month is "rounded down" which means, they are added, but not charged


Acquire privacy service for an existing domain (II)

Let's say you own a .com domain, which is due to expire in 3 months. If you want to add privacy pro; you will get a warning, because the privacy term cannot exceed the domain's term. You should consider using "Renewal" with the privacy option in this case:


1-year privacy pro service: USD   2.49
result - domain term is unchanged, and 3 months of privacy 

USD   2.49 

you will only get 3 months of privacy service - you should consider 'renewal' instead



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How to enable Whois Privacy?


How to enable Whois Privacy Services


Whois Privacy Services are available for most generic top-level domains. The availability is always indicated in Joker.com's price list and also the domain search.


Privacy Services are available for new domain registrations, transfers, and renewals - and they can also be applied to existing domains.

Please find all details about the services, pricing, and periods here at Whois Privacy Services.


Enabling Privacy Services for existing Domains

To order Privacy Services for your existing domains, please either


You will then find the Privacy status and options to add within 'Domain Information':

How to add privacy using Domain Settings


Register New Domains with Privacy Services

To register a new domain with Privacy Services, please add your domain to the cart as usual, and find the new privacy options directly in the cart - simply click on 'Add Privacy' to select:


add privacy to domain order in cart

Renew a Domain and add Privacy Services

When you renew your domains, as usual, using "Renew Domains" in the Service zone, or using a direct link on the Joker.com home page, you will find a new renewal dialogue, which offers the Privacy Services for all applicable domains as easy-to-use checkboxes:

Privacy options with Renewal


Transfer a Domain and add Privacy Services

We now also offer to apply Privacy Services to domains during a transfer. This is implemented in such a way, that in case a domain that already used privacy services with the former, losing registrar, the Whois data will not be disclosed at any time. To choose privacy options, please start a transfer as usual, and find your choice in section 'Additional Products' below the AUTH-ID:


Privacy options for transfer


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Domain Trustee Service


Domain Trustee Service


For some domain types - usually country domains - there are regulations regarding the domicile of the domain holder. For example, the country of the registrant's contact for .EU domains must be a member of the EU (plus Norway and Liechtenstein).
In order to enable clients who do not fulfill these requirements to register such domains, so-called trustee services can be used. The trustee assumes the role of the official registrant. The relationship between trustee and customer is regulated in the respective trustee contract. This defines responsibilities and ensures the customer's ownership of the domain.
IDPS GmbH also offers trustee services for Joker.com in addition to its privacy services. Domains for which such a trustee service is available are marked accordingly in our price list.


When you order such a domain with an available trustee service, you have the option to add this service bundled with the domain name.

Trustee agreements can be also added to existing domains under 'My Domains'.
Example contracts can be found after logging in to Joker.com under "Support" -> "Downloads".

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