1.12 Domain Contacts

What is a contact?


Domain Contact


please see What are 'contacts'?




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I got a Warning: Wrong whois data or 'invalid address'


Whois Data Consistency


The owner of a domain (the individual who registered the domain) is responsible for keeping the data of the whois contacts valid. The whois data is the information regarding a domain name which is published through the global "whois service" ("Search whois" on Joker.com).


The owner must make sure that the addresses (email and postal) are valid, and that notices sent to these addresses are read.

An invalid address in whois data can be a reason to cancel the domain. This is a policy of ICANN, most domain registries, and also part of Joker.com's Terms & Conditions.


In case we receive a complaint from an authoritative party (ICANN, Registry, local authorities) regarding a possible problem with the Whois data of a domain, we usually start a process to ask the owner of the domain to check, and if needed, correct the wrong Whois data accordingly.

In case the result of this process is a change of the registrant's Whois data, this change may be subject to a fee. Please check our price list for that.



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How to create or modify a contact?


Add or modify Domain Contacts


Please login to Joker.com using your login name and your password.

In the menu 'My Joker', choose the item 'My Contacts'.


You will find all your contacts listed - please choose "Modify" to change any of them if needed.

To create a new contact, please use "Create New Contact" button on the top right.

Please note: A contact is a kind of 'template', consisting of an email, name and street address.

If you populate a domain with Whois data, you create such a contact (or choose an existing one) and assign this contact to a domain.


You are free to assign individual contacts to each domain or use a single contact for more than one domain. In this case, it is important to know that in case you change such a contact afterwards, those changes will automatically apply to all domains which have been assigned to this contact. 


A contact can be identified by its "contact-id", also known as 'handle'. Examples are "CCOM-12345" (.com domains) or "CODE-12345" (.de domains).


Please find out more in What are 'contacts'?



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Who can change my contacts?


Modify Domain Contacts


please see Who is able to make changes to a domain?



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How to change a contact (e.g. set a new email address)?


Modify Domain Contacts


Please see How to create or modify a contact?

If it is the owner (registrant) of a domain, please see How to Change the Owner of a Domain?



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How to delete a contact?


Delete a Domain Contact

Contacts can only be deleted if they are not used with any other domain. Joker.com is automatically taking care of this, so it is safe to try to delete a 'supposed-to-be-unused' contact. If it is yet in use, it will not be deleted.

To delete a contact, please visit "My Contacts".
You will get a list of all your contacts, searching is possible as well.
Please mark the items you want to delete using the checkbox, and click on "Delete all selected" below.

Please note, that modifying a contact which is linked to one of your domains is also possible by accessing 'Modify' in 'My Domains'.
 Please also consider reading What are 'contacts'?

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