1.10 Email Forwarding

What is 'Email Forwarding'?


Email Forwarding


This is a service provided by Joker.com, which allows you to create email addresses for a domain, and to forward incoming emails for those addresses to an existing external mail account.

This means: You could have

being forwarded to your email account at your ISP or email provider like Gmail, Yahoo or others.

Please be aware that:


For the amount of email addresses per domain, we do not police strict limits. Instead, we apply a fair-use-policy.

As long as we do not observe significant system impacts by either excessive amount of emails sent or addresses created, there will be no restrictions.

'Excessive' here means significantly above average, and "system impact" means significant interference of the general system and/or other users.


Current limits are:

Important: A newly created email address (or a changed target address) has to be activated by answering the 'activation email' being sent to the 'Target Email-Address' (click on the link within this email).



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How to configure Email forwarding?


Add or modify Email Forwarding


To add or modify email forwardings,



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What about SPAM?


SPAM Filtering for Email Forwards

All email forwards are automatically scanned for SPAM.

Emails classified as spam or malware will be blocked.



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Who can change an Email forward?


Changing Email forwards


please visit Who can make changes to nameserver content?



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