1.8 Renewals

How to renew a domain?


Renew a Domain


Renewing a domain means, adding years to the lifetime of a domain.


You can usually choose to add from 1 to 10 years, which depends on the type of domain (TLD).

The lifetime will be added to the expiration date, i.e. if you renew before the expiration date, you will not lose the remaining term.

Other options like "Domain Privacy" can also be maintained in the renewal section on Joker.com.


In order to renew a domain, please visit Joker.com 'Renew a Domain'.


[new] Automatic renewals can also be activated for all domains - this ensures that no renewal is missed.



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When Notifications are sent


Notifications sent as Renewal Reminders

The domain owner (the Joker.com account which was used to register the domain) will get notifications by email 


before a domain expires, and


after a domain has expired.
This scheme follows the requirements set by ICANN's 'Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP)'.
Additionally, if there is an 'Admin' or 'Billing' role assigned to this domain, those roles also get notifications

before a domain expires.
You can find out more about 'roles' and 'permissions' here.

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Who is able to renew a domain?


Authorization to Renew a Domain

Domains can be renewed by the owner of a domain (the individual who registered the domain), using the regular renewal procedure.
Before the expiration of a domain, several notifications are sent - here you find the information on whom and when these renewal reminders are sent.
In case there are roles assigned to this domain, the 'Admin' and/or the 'Billing' role are also enabled to renew a domain.
Please find out more about 'roles' and 'permissions' here.
In an emergency, e.g. when no authorized person is available, we also provide a 'Simple Renewal' procedure.
This allows anyone to renew a domain, but without being able to change any other aspect of the domain, and without earning any additional rights or permissions for this domain.

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Simple Renewal


Simple Renewal


In case you have difficulties renewing a domain - e.g. because you have issues with logging in to your account, or your designated administrator missed renewing it for you - you are always able to renew a domain for one year by using Simple Renewal.

You do not even need to be logged in, you just have to provide the domain name.
You can also enter several domains one after another, add them to the shopping cart, and finish with a single payment process at the end.


The domain will be extended for one year, no other data, permissions, claims or other aspects of this domain will be changed by this renewal.



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Auto Renewal


Automatic Domain Renewal


Note: In order to use automatic renewals, a Joker.com payment account is required, which you can activate easily and free of charge if you do not already have one. Deposits to this account can then also be made by bank transfer.


All domains you marked as "to be auto-renewed" will be automatically renewed when due to expire.

You will still get the usual renewal reminders which additionally contain the auto-renew status.

Please find the complete schedule of renewal notices here.
The autorenewal status for domains can be enabled or disabled anytime.


Additionally, 2 special auto-renew messages are sent 4 and 2 weeks before expiration.


The actual renewal will happen 30 days before the expiration of the given domain.


For Resellers, the renewals are executed 7 days before expiration, and this can be changed in the Joker.com user profile.


Domains with the status "expired" (grace period) can not be included in auto-renewal, they have to be renewed


If your account does not have sufficient funds at the selected time of auto renew, automatic renewal will not take place and you will have to renew manually.


Notifications will also be sent before and after an automatic renewal - so you are always up to date!




Auto-renew can be configured in following sections:




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My domain expired! Can I still renew it?


Grace Periods for Expired Domains


Most domains can still be renewed within up to 30 days (maximum) after the expiration date. As a courtesy, we keep the domain for this grace period, but it will not be usable because of the "expired"-status.

However, it depends on the type of domain, not all registries allow post-expiration-renewal.

Please note: You can always use the "Simple Renewal " procedure to renew a domain, also in case the regular renewal is not possible at that moment for you!

After the mentioned grace period, the domain will be deleted automatically (most domains will then automatically enter the
Redemption Grace Period (RGP)).

Once a domain has entered the RGP, a renewal still is possible, but then this is no longer a regular 'renewal', but a 'restore'. There are additional fees associated with this, you will find them in the price list.


To renew a domain, please visit 'Renew a Domain' in the menu "Domains".



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Why does my domain not work anymore?


Domain stopped working


The most common reason for this - domain has expired. According to the ERRP regulation by ICANN, as a last reminder, we have to set the domain to the status 'inactive' when it expired.

You still can renew this domain with regular renewal and regular pricing.


In case you missed all the renewal reminders we sent before expiration, please check the correctness of the email addresses of your Joker.com account, and in the domain data


Please check the domain status in 'My Domains', or by using the 'Whois Search' on Joker.com. 

In case you see the nameserver 'not-renewed.joker.com' associated with your domain name, you should renew it as soon as possible. For most domain types, Joker.com adds an additional grace period of up to 30 days to allow the renewal of the domain.

To renew a domain, please visit 'Renew a Domain' in the menu 'Domains'.

If your domain already had expired, and you have requested a renewal afterward, the domain will be restored automatically.

However, since the restore may take a few hours, you may also re-enter your name servers instantly in 'My Domains'




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Why did I get a renewal notice/invoice from another registrar?


Fake Renewal Offers

Some other parties do send renewal announcements for domains that are not registered through them to domain holders, often with bogus and overpriced renewal rates, sometimes also with non-obvious transfer attempts.
You will find Examples and more details on how these scams are intended to work here:

Please disregard any such offer or notice which is not from Joker.com or your responsible provider!


Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about this, since these parties usually are not within practical legislation.
But please report this to ICANN
If you get such a notice, please visit Joker.com to check your domain's status before following any other "renewal procedure".

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What is a 'Redemption Grace Period' (RGP)?


The Redemption Grace Period (RGP)

Most gTLD domains - this means domains under ICANN regulation - do know a special status: Redemption Grace Period often referred to as "RGP".

What does this mean?
A domain usually will be deleted for two reasons:
A domain will not be deleted immediately from the database of registry. Instead, for up to 30 days *) following the deletion, the domain can not be registered again, but the registrar responsible for the domain has the option to "reanimate" (restore) the domain again on behalf of the registrant.
This option is intended to salvage rather rare cases of renewal problems, before the final deletion of a domain.

Important: Please note that Joker.com does additionally add a grace period of approximately 30 days *) for expired domains. This means, that for regular expired domains, the 30 days of the "Redemption Grace Period" will start after approximately 30 days*) of Joker.com's grace period.
This also depends on the type of domain, and the registry operating the domain.
A domain name that is in Redemption still can be restored ("re-registered"), using either the Redemption Restore Procedure to restore your domain, or by browsing the pool of all available domains in RGP.
Since most registries define this to be a special procedure, this usually also has a different price tag.
The pricing differs depending on the type of domain, please have a look at the price list.
Please also note: After a successful restore of a domain name from RGP, a transfer to another registrar is not possible for another 30 days.
After approx. 30 days*) in RGP, the status of the domain will change to "pending delete" for 5 days. During these 5 days, a restoration is not possible anymore.
On the 6th day after the deletion, the domain is available to be registered again.
To provide fair conditions for all, the exact time for when a new registration is possible is randomly chosen.
Please find out more about a domain's life cycle. Please also note the provisions in the Joker.com T&Cs, which have primary validity in all cases.

However, please note that before a domain enters RGP, resp. Joker.com deletes a domain the responsible contacts of this domain will be notified several times by email. Please find the exact scheme of notifications in ERRP - Expired Registration Recovery Policy.
*) These data are only indicative. The exact times are specified by the registries and may vary. On the other hand, there are technical requirements for some deadlines that mean processing within one of the above-mentioned periods, so that this can be shortened by a few hours. Therefore, please never wait until the theoretical maximum, e.g. the "expired grace period", before renewing a domain.

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