Authorizes a 'Change of Registrant' (COR) according to the ICANN IRTP-C policy as of 2016-12-01.

Please find the full documentation of the process at here, the original ICANN policy is available here.


This request can be used if you did not setup a verification 'push' URL with our provided module (see link above), or you want to use the standard email procedure.


This request returns special response header "Result", which will contain "ACK" if the authorization request has been sent successfully, or "NACK" otherwise, e.g. if the key sent does not match the transaction.




key     authorization key (provided in COR confirmation request)
answer answer to confirm the COR - "yes" or "no"

If the answer is "yes", the change-of-registrant will be executed, if in case of "no", it will be rejected. Please also note the new flag 'lock-opt-out' in 'domain-owner-change' if you do not want to lock the domain after the COR for 60 days.


Result: ACK    authorization key has been accepted
Result: NACK   authorization key has not been accepted


Sample:<authorization key sent by>&answer=yes&auth-sid=<your-current-session-id>


Tags: API, COR, DMAPI, IRTP-C, owner change

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