This request adds a subscription to Whois Privacy Services to an existing domain name.

A summary of all privacy related DMAPI commands is also available at DMAPI Whois Privacy Services.


Requires (mandatory):

domain domain name to order privacy service for




Accepts (optional):

period renewal period in months (not in years!)


the wanted expiration year (e.g. '2016')


"expyear" is a safety option which can be used instead of "period" to order privacy until the specified year (not longer).

If you use "period", and by mistake send the request more than once, the order would be executed again, while with "expyear", it will not be renewed if it's expiration year is greater or equals to the specified one.

Only one of "period" or "expyear" may be used, but not both.


If neither period nor expyear is provided, then privacy is ordered for the remaining domain lifetime, whatever it is.


Important: Please note that registration period is in months, not years! In most cases, this number is a multiple of 12.





This would order privacy service "pro" for the same period as the current term of the domain "".

Tags: API, DMAPI, whois accuracy, whois contacts, whois privacy

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