Set an email address to 'validated' by using the correct key, and voting with 'yes'.

This request returns a special response header "Result", which will contain "ACK" if the verification has been accepted or "NACK" otherwise, e.g. in case the key is not correct (whois verification, email validation).

This is usefull e.g. in case you want to implement your own indivídual landing page for your customers. The URL for this landing page can be set in Joker.com's 'Reseller Settings'.


For full ICANN policy, please see Whois-Validation.




key      Verification key sent to owner by verification email
answer Answer to verification request - "yes" or "no"

If the answer is "yes", the verification status is set to "verified" and email is confirmed as valid, if the answer is "no", then verification status is set to "invalid". If there is no answer before verification deadline (normally 15 days), the status is also set to "invalid".




Result: ACK    validation request has been successful
Result: NACK   validation request has been rejected or failed





Tags: API, DMAPI, whois-accuracy

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