Request parameters:



domain Full qualified domain name



Email of user to be invited to accept a role for 'domain'



Role offered (@admin/@billing/@tech/@creator)



receiving user id as shown on - also conforms to reseller-id



Name or comment for this role/grant for later identification (defaults to email)



With this request you can assign 'Roles' (permissions) of domains to other users. The special role "creator" is an equivalent to an internal transfer of that domain to another user. In this case, the domain is assigned to the receiving account's portfolio, including all rights and permissions on this domain.

There are two variants to use this functionality: If the client-uid ( user account id) is given, and the client-uid matches the associated user's email address in our system, the role is applied immediately - there will be no request for confirmation on the receiver's side. In case the client-uid is not given, but only the email address, the transaction has to be acknowledged by the receiving user. For this, he will get an email ('invitation'), containing a link and a key. Either the link has to be clicked, or the key has to be applied using (=> Transfer). This can also be used for users which do not yet have a account.


Please see more details: How to grant roles (= grant permissions to others)?.

Returns status only (ok or not). Email is sent if request was succesfull.


Tags: contacts, DMAPI, grants, invitations, permissions, roles, transfer

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