Full qualified domain name



showkey Show invitation access key


Get a list of active and pending grants.

Returns lines in the following format (space-separated):

invitation <nr> <scope> <key> domain <domain-name> <role> - - - <invitee-email> <nick-name> grant <nr> <scope> domain <domain-name> <role> <inviter-username> <invitee-username> <invitee-userid> <invitee-email> <nick-name> 



<nr> record number
<scope>    Grant/Invite id (used to uniquely identify records for revocation)
<key> Invitation access key, present only when "showkey" is non-zero; it has meaning only for pending invitations, and always is "-" for grants
<domain-name> domain name (identical to domain in request)
<role> one of @admin/@billing/@tech/@creator
<inviter-username> your username (owner of the domain)
<invitee-username> username of invited user
[leave empty] user-ID of invited user  
<nick-name> name or comment you want to assign to this role



Tags: grants, roles

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