How to transfer a domain from to another registrar?


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The protection of a domain name ("domain locking") provides an additional layer of security against unauthorized domain manipulation. It also prevents fraudulent transfers.

This feature keeps you safe from bad actors and domain hijackers.

If you decide to transfer a domain from to another registrar, all you need to do is to unlock your domain.


To unlock your domain, please visit 'My Domains', choose "Modify" and click on 'remove domain protection'.


After having your domain unlocked, the transfer might be initiated at the other/new registrar. The procedure for this differs from registrar to registrar.


Usually, you also will need the so-called 'AUTH-ID' at the other registrar.

To get the AUTH-ID of a domain, please visit 'My Domains', choose 'Modify', and click on 'Request AUTH-ID'


Any incoming request for transfer will result in a confirmation email, notifying the transfer to the domain owner (the individual who registered the domain).


After not more than 5 days, the transfer is acknowledged, if you did not explicitly disagree with this transfer.


Disagreement can be expressed through a reply to the confirmation email above, or through clicking a link contained in this email. This email also includes the exact date, at which the transfer will be acknowledged.

Please note:

If the domain is unprotected (unlocked), any incoming request for a transfer will be acknowledged, if there is no response from your side (to explicitly disagree).

Because of this, we strongly recommend leaving your domains protected. 



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