I got the following error message - 'The current status didn't allow this operation (transfer)'. What does it mean?


Reasons for Transfer Failures


When you get a message like The current status of "<domain name>" didn't allow this operation (transfer), this means the attempt to transfer this domain to Joker.com did fail.

According to ICANN policies, a transfer request does fail if at least one of the following situations occurs:


  • the domain is younger than 60 days after the initial registration
  • a domain dispute is pending (UDRP, WIPO)
  • the current owner/holder rejected the transfer
  • a problem with your payment did occur - please check the receipt you got from Joker.com
  • you already received the final domain renewal notice from your current/old registrar, and you did not renew with them. You can avoid this trouble by transferring in time, as you do not lose any term of your registration period by transferring to Joker.com. If the domain expiration date is too close, a transfer may be rejected.


Additionally, it could happen that the domain at the current registrar still is in status "locked" - then the domain has to be unlocked at your current registrar.



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