What can be changed?


Changes in a Domain


If you order (register) a domain, you are able to control all aspects of this domain:

  • Domain status - transfer protection (FAQ)
  • Contact details (FAQ)
  • Owner data (FAQ)
  • Responsible name servers (FAQ)
  • Whois Privacy (FAQ)
  • Whois Opt-in/out
  • Domain rights (for other Joker.com users) (FAQ)
  • Nameserver records/ DNS (in case you use Joker.com nameservice)


In case you have access to a domain because somebody else assigned you a role ('permissions') for this domain, you only are able to modify aspects limited by this role.

Please check here to find out more about 'roles'. 


Please also have a look at

Important: You are obliged to enter only valid and true address and identity information for Whois data. This is a requirement of all domain registries. 

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