General Instructions

All requests do follow the same scheme:
  • each key:value pair is unique in application.
  • each key:value pair is one line finished with carriage return
  • each key is delimited by a colon ":" from the value
You have to send the request as signed email to the  mail gateway address. This address is disclosed once you signed up as a reseller of

Each email uses a simple, special format, which is described under the different request-types.

For security reasons you have to pgp-sign each mail you send to the mail-gateway, so you need a pgp-installation on your machine. Unsigned or invalid mails will be ignored.

Emails without a valid subject (request-type) will produce an error. In this case you will receive an error message as response.
Valid requests are normaly processed in realtime. Under certain circumstances (Registry-Downtimes, System maintenance, etc.) it is possible, that requests have to wait for processing. It is highly recommended to ask our support before you repeat such requests.


The descriptions for the requests do all follow the same scheme:
Topic 'introduction' - a short introduction of the request, what is the request for.

Topic 'request fields'
  • which fields are required or allowed for a request
  • which character are allowed for a request field (the valid character sets are described with PERL-REGULAR-EXPRESSIONS)
  • one or more examples for a valid request


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To which e-mail address should these requests be sent?
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