Why did I receive an email than links to a Joker.com password?


Joker.com Password Handling


There are at least four possible scenarios:
  • You did register yourself at our website Joker.com.
  • You have forgotten your password and requested a new one via the Joker.com website.
  • Someone has tried to register your email address. If it wasn't you, please just ignore it. Someone else may have just made a typing mistake with the email address. You won't get harmed.
  • Your email address is associated with a user registered with us, and someone has entered that username and pressed the "Send me my forgotten password" button. Sometimes a customer enters the wrong username (e.g. due to a typo) for which a new password should be generated. You can safely ignore this, as it has no effect on you or your access.

Joker.com only sends references to newly generated passwords by email. These are only ever sent to a unique combination of username and email address. You will never see the password of another user!
Joker.com stores passwords exclusively in the form of so-called hashes, in a recognized cryptographic process. Therefore Joker.com can never send or display your old password.


Please also consider the activation of our Two-factor-authentication, which provides a high level of security for your account.



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