Requires (mandatory)

domain full qualified domain name to transfer to
transfer-auth-id AUTH-ID required for all domains except .eu
owner-c new owner contact handle to be used for transferred domain


Accepts (optional)


new admin contact handle

tech-c new tech contact handle
billing-c new billing contact handle

new domain status to be set after transfer (lock, production)


renewal period in months, not in years! [not in use, please leave empty]


Autorenew flag for the domain (0 or 1); if not set explicitly, defaults to 1


list of colon-separated nameservers

privacy basic|pro|none - adds whois privacy subscription to domain transfer, see also Whois Privacy Services

maximum price user is willing to pay for a domain registration, renewal or transfer. If provided, it must be a number (fractions allowed) above 0.

If not provided and domain has non-standard pricing, or if max-price is lower than the actual domain price at the moment of registration, the request will fail.
If max-price is higher than the actual domain price, then only the actual price will be deducted


With this request you can initiate a transfer of the domain from another registrar to

You have to provide a valid AUTH-ID (you have to request this from the current provider of the domain).


Please note:

  • please make sure, that there is no so-called 'registry lock' active for the domain to be transferred. Please verify, that the current registrar does not block the domain, resp. deactivates the blocking
  • the domain to be transferred must have been active for at least 60 days at the current registrar, otherwise the transfer may fail
  • the domain to be transferred must not be object of an active ICANN UDRP dispute procedure
  • the domain should have a remaining term of least 7 days, to ensure that the transfer succeeds within the time limits (a maximum of 5 days is granted to confirm or object a transfer). In case the domain has less than 7 days of remaining term, a successful transfer cannot be warranted.
  • this procedure will trigger email notifications to the owner and the admin contact of the domain to be transferred (this is following mandatory ICANN transfer provisions)







Tags: API, transfer, transfer-request

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