Requires (mandatory)

domain domain name to modify


Accepts (optional)

billing-c domain contact data to modify
ns-list   list of new nameservers delimited by colon ":" (it will replace existing nameservers!)

Registrar tag, also known as "Membership token", currently used for .XXX domains


if specified, allows setting or removal of DNSSEC keys for domain. If not specified, DNSSEC records will not be changed. Value of "0" will remove DNSSEC, value of "1" will add DNSSEC (and ds-N parameters must be provided)

 ds-1            list of DNSSEC parameter sets (min. 2, max. 6) for DNSSEC enabled domains
 ds-2            for com/net/org/tv/cc each entry has format:
 ds-3                tag:alg:digest-type:digest
 ds-4            for de:
 ds-5                protocol:alg:flags:pubkey-base64

With this request you can modify

  • contact handles
  • nameservers
  • DNSSEC parameters (for DNSSEC capable nameservers and TLDs supporting DNSSEC)


Please only specify contact handles which you want to modify, all unspecified handles will be left as is.


For DNSSEC, you will find more information here .





Example for adding a key (and enabling DNSSEC):


Example for removing DNSSEC information:


Tags: API, DMAPI, dnssec, Domain-Modification, domain-modify

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