Differences to Email Gateway


The main differences in handling between DMAPI and Email Gateway at Joker.com are:

  • DMAPI only accepts pre-registered contact and name-server handles. This means that before you can register (or modify) domains, you MUST create all necessary contacts and name-servers.
  • universal requests - unlike with the email interface, there is no differentiation in requests for different domain/contact types.
  • some requests are asynchronous, means, they are processes within a queue in the background. The acceptance of a request by DMAPI  not necessarily means that it is already processed (or will be processed at all because of later errors). The immediate request reply states, wether the request has been accepted by the system. The 'real' reply (results, acknowledgement or refusal) will be stored on the server and can be retrieved later. To list available replies, you should use the requests "result-list", "result-retrieve" and "result-delete" periodically.

NOTE: Not retrieved replies will be kept on the server for a period of 30 days, after this time,  only the status of specific request will be available (success or failure).

IMPORTANT: Please also note that the registration/renewal period is in MONTHS, NOT YEARS! This is to allow future micro-registrations.


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