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Whois Privacy Services


Please find general details about Joker.com Whois Privacy Services here: Whois Privacy Services

Privacy services are available for most generic top level domain names. The availablitiy of privacy services is indicated in Joker.com's price list and domain search.


For requests "domain-register" and "domain-transfer-in-reseller", there exists an additional parameter "privacy":

  • privacy=basic (owner contact name and/or organisation left intact, address & emails are masked)
  • privacy=pro (everything is masked)
  • privacy=none (same as "no privacy parameter provided")


For "domain-renew", the additional parameter privacy works similar:

  • privacy=basic (owner contact name and/or organisation left intact, address & emails are masked)
  • privacy=pro (everything is masked)
  • privacy=none (explicitly do a renew without privacy services, even if currently privacy is enabled)
  • privacy=keep (renew with the same level of privacy service which is currently active for the domain) - this now is also default; for domains without an existing privacy service subscription, "keep" means "none", so there will be no privacy service ordered. If there is an existing privacy service subscription active, and this privacy service is not set to "off", "keep" will also renew this privacy service subscription, together with the domain.


To order privacy services for existing domains, the new request "domain-privacy-order"can be used:

    period=12 (in months, as usual)
    expyear=2016 (privacy expiration year, similar to domain renewal request)

    If neither period nor expyear is provided, then privacy is ordered for
    remaining domain lifetime, whatever it is.



The request "domain-set-property" allows to manage privacy services for domains which already do have a valid privacy service subscription:

  • privacy=basic (activate "basic" privacy service)
  • privacy=pro (activate "pro" privacy service)
  • privacy=off (deactivate privacy service - Whois data will be disclosed)



Ordering domain with privacy:



Renew domain and order privacy:



Request incoming transfer and enable privacy:



Temporarily disable privacy (assuming that it is active):



Fetch real contact data from privacy protected domain:



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