I do not see my domain(s) after logging in!


Domains missing in your Dashboard


If you are missing a domain name, this may be because of various reasons:

  • you have ordered the domain just recently - it may take some minutes before it shows up
  • there was an issue with the payment for the domain - please check your email, if there are any messages from Joker.com
  • the domain has already expired - please check the WHOIS, if the domain is still registered, and do a "simple renewal" or contact our support
  • you did not order this domain yourself, and you have not been assigned the appropriate permissions ('grants') to list or modify this domain. In this case, you may contact the owner of the domain to ask for such assignments.


In case you yourself are the owner of this domain (you purchased it), or you believe a domain is missing by error, please contact Joker.com Support.


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Comment of cris:
please,send me an e mail when my domain name stop. I'll can't see my webside today and after verification : it's the end of my domain name : but I haven't receive nothing of your company !! it's not normal !! you'll stop and you'll don't inform me before !!
Added at: 2011-09-08 09:38

Comment of LgRJbbnTWqZDpZvcrxN:
Assuming your domain name is a .com, .net, .org the 60 day rule etisxs with all registrars.While you may not be able to perform a registrar transfer of a new domain for 60 days you can still push the name to a different registrant account at the same registrar. If you sell the domain within the 60 days your buyer will simply need to open an account with GoDaddy (if he/she doesn't already have one) and you can transfer the domain into his/her account. The transfer restriction only relates to a transfer between registrars, not registrants.Good luck with your sale.
Added at: 2012-06-19 08:26