How to delete a contact?


Delete a Domain Contact

Contacts can only be deleted if they are not used with any other domain. is automatically taking care of this, so it is safe to try to delete a 'supposed-to-be-unused' contact. If it is yet in use, it will not be deleted.

To delete a contact, please visit "My Contacts".
You will get a list of all your contacts, searching is possible as well.
Please mark the items you want to delete using the checkbox, and click on "Delete all selected" below.

Please note, that modifying a contact which is linked to one of your domains is also possible by accessing 'Modify' in 'My Domains'.
 Please also consider reading What are 'contacts'?

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Comment of Kieran Turner:
I would also like to know how to check what these "references" are. I have one redundant contact which I cannot delete, but it is definitely not associated with any of my domains.
Added at: 2009-01-16 01:26