What is URL Forwarding (Web Forwarding)?


URL Forwarding


This is a service provided by Joker.com that allows directing all HTTP (web) requests for a domain (or subdomain) registered with Joker.com to the webspace of a different, externally hosted domain, e.g. the webspace which is usually included in Internet provider contracts.

This feature enables you to access e.g. 'http://www.[your-domain].com', with the real content residing at 'http://www.[your-internet-service-provider].com/[your Account]'.


The redirection is of type 'HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently'.


You can use a standard redirection, or a so-called "frame-based" redirection, which will keep the original domain name visible in your browser's location bar.

You are also able to provide your URL forwards with your own special title-, meta- or HTTP header tags.


To configure your URL forwarding, please visit the "DNS" menu in "My Domains" with the domain you want to add URL forwards to, click on " + New " and select URL-Forwarding as Record-Type.


Please also consider How to create a name server (-record)?



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