domain Zone (domain) name to fetch data from




Returns list of zone records.

The format of zone is as follows (one record per line):

<label> <type> <pri> <target> <ttl> <valid-from> <valid-to> <parameters(s)> 




subdomain/redirection label, relative to current zone, or '@' (which means current zone name)




numeric value, meaningful only for types MX, NAPTR and SRV, must be 0 for all other types


record target/value. Must be quoted if contains spaces


record TTL (time to live) in seconds


record is not valid before this time (UNIX timestamp) or 0


record is not valid after this time (UNIX timestamp) or 0


record-specific parameter(s)


All values from "name" to "ttl" are mandatory for every record.

<valid-to> and <valid-from> are not implemented yet, so usually are 0, and may be omitted if there are no other parameters required.

<parameters(s)> are record dependent, used in NAPTR, MAILFW, FRAME and URL records.

<ttl> must be at least 60 for all records except NAPTR and SVC, where it can be 0 (meaning: no caching). For MAILFW/URL/FRAME <ttl> is irrelevant and assumed to be 60 seconds (i.e., any change will be
in effect within 60 seconds from zone change).

<pri> preference value for MX records, priority/weight for SRV records and order/preference for NAPTR records. For any other record, the value must be 0.

Examples of zone records:


www A 0 86400
www AAAA 0 fec0::17 86400

@ MX 10 mail.example.com. 86400

redirect URL 0 http://joker.com 86400


Sets redirection from redirect.joker.com to http://joker.com (assuming that current zone is "joker.com").

frame FRAME 0 http://joker.com 86400 0 0 "Header: Frame-Forward" "head" "title" "body"

Sets frame-based redirection similar to URL redirection.

For FRAME record, extra parameters are as follows:

  • Extra HTTP headers. (newlines may be escaped as \n)
  • Extra text placed in <head></head> section of generated HTML.
  • Title text (<title></title>) of generated HTML.
  • Body text (used for <noframes> section)

username MAILFW 0 redirected@example.com 86400 0 0 1

This MAILFW records makes redirection of mail sent to username@joker.com (assuming that current zone name is "joker.com") to redirected@example.com, extra parameter ("1") specifies that spam-filtering should be used.

naptr NAPTR 10/100 replacement 86400 0 0 "flags" "service" "regex"

This NAPTR record has order 10 and preference 100. Only one of "replacement" or "regex" may be
specified, if "regex" is specified, "replacement" must be "." (without quotes), if "replacement"
is specified, "regex" must be empty string. Quotes are mandatory for all extra parameters.
For details please consult RFC 2915, or look here: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/NAPTR

_ldap._tcp SRV 10/100 ldap.example.com:389 60

This SRV record has priority 10, weight 100, target "ldap.example.com" and port "389" with TTL 60 seconds. Please consult RFC 2782 for details.

txt TXT 0 "key=value" 86400

Quoting of values for TXT records is mandatory.

caa   CAA 0   issue "letsencrypt.org" 86400
caa   CAA 0   issuewild "letsencrypt.org" 86400

caa   CAA 0   iodef "mailto:certissues@example.com" 86400


For more information about CAA records please check Wikipedia. 


www CNAME 0 example.com. 86400

Two special record types, DYNA and DYNAAAA, are used in case if DynDNS is active.
They have same meaning as corresponding "A" and "AAAA" records, except that their targets may be updated using Joker DynDNS service.

To enable/disable DynDNS service, and to define username/password used to access it, the record format is as follows:


username/password may not contain spaces or colon (":") characters. If "no" is specified instead of "yes", DynDNS will be turned off (i.e. DYN* entries will have no effect).

In case if there are any errors, zone modification will not be accepted. All errors will be reported for every erroneous line, so if there are more than one, you will be able to see all detected errors.


Tags: DMAPI, DNS, modify-zone, Nameservice

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