Become a Reseller of is in the domain business from the very beginning. We offer low cost domain registrations with lots of free services. always monitors the newest developments in domain technology, and implements new features also following the demands of our customers. Check what we offer:

  • Resellers get discounts of up to 40%.
  • Free administration through different web frontends, our HTTP-based API, or our mail gateway. You get access to advanced contact management, various payment methods, owner change procedures and many others. Re-configuration of domains was never so easy and fast.
  • Free registrar plugin for the web hosting tool WHMCS.
  • Free DNS control including Dynamic DNS and A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV, NAPTR, CAA records.
  • Free URL forwarding including frame forwarding. Most registrars charge an additional fee for such services.
  • Free email addresses with a "catch-all" address, SPAM filtering and email blocking.
  • Free subdomains.
  • Free status notifications. We care for our customers and do our best to keep them away of trouble.
  • Free, personal and friendly support, because every customer is important for us.
  • No setup fees. We play honest - no later added fees or fees for additional features.
  • more than 1200 registered resellers and more than one hundred thousand of satisfied customers.

Sign Up as Reseller

Upload your reseller registration form here. Reseller Tools

Reseller Control Panel

With the Reseller Control Panel (, we provide you as a reseller with a powerful tool to handle also huge amounts of domains and contacts easily. One of the focuses of this tool is to present you the data needed in a specific context in realtime, no need to wait for form-submission-round-trips any more.
Numerous export/import options additionally give you full access to your data.
Please start by reading the introduction of RPanel.

DMAPI Web Services (API)

Well suited for scripting usage and faster than the traditional mail gateway, the DMAPI web services provide a complete set of domain registration and manipulation functions through HTTP protocol.
For more information please read the DMAPI documentation. There you will also find a documented example of how to easily create a full-featured domain application, using PHP (Joker PHP Client). This code is freely available on Sourceforge, and can also always be tried and tested live on
A quick summary of all DMAPI requests is also directly available by visiting Web site

A lot of our resellers like to use our standard web interface with its complete functionality at All sorts of domain manipulations - some also in a batch-like manner - are possible.
Resellers are recognized and displayed as such at login, and all transactions then are made using the reseller's account with its low rates.

Email Gateway

Available for every reseller with public PGP key in his preferences, it provides instant access to services through PGP-signed emails. Those could be generated by own programs, for example.
For more information please read the Mail gateway documentation. Testing Environment (OT&E)

All Resellers of are automatically enrolled to get access to our OT&E system. This OT&E system enables Resellers, to test and try out all methods of registration and domain manipulation offers, without affecting 'real' data.
Please find more information here.

You are welcome to check our reseller prices and reseller FAQ.